5 Animals That Have Disrupted A Cricket Match

1. 1889- A Pig stops play when it runs across the pitch (Worchestershire v Derbyshire) 
2. 1936- A Sparrow stops play when a ball hit it in midflight, and killed it. The Sparrow is currently on display at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. (MCC v Cambridge University)
3. 1957- A Hedgehog stops play when it runs onto the field. The fielding wicketkeeper carries it off the pitch. (Glouchester v Derbyshire)
4. 1957- A Mouse stops play. Its schoolboy owner runs onto the field to retrieve it with his hat. (Kent v Hampshire)
5. 1962- Bees stop play. Players evacuate the pitch and flee to the pavilion. (Oxford University v Worchestershire)
(p.115, Eastaway)