Mike Gatting

Mike gatting had his nose broken by a ball from Malcolm Marshall while batting v West Indies at Kingston in 1986. The ball unfortunately dropped from his nose on to the wicket.


Only four test series have ended 0-0 with all five matches being drawn. India was involved in three of them, including two in a row against Pakistan.

When and where do cricket injuries occur?

When and where do cricket injuries occur?
  • Almost half of all injuries to adult cricketers occur during formal play.
  • One third of cricket injuries to children occur during school hours reflecting the popularity of cricket as a school sport.
  • Almost 20 per cent of injuries occur during training or practice.

How many injuries?

The incidence of injury for first class cricketers in Victoria is approximately 333 injuries/10,000 hours played. In Australia, cricket represents 7.3 per cent of adult and 3.7 per cent of child sporting related injuries presenting to hospital emergency departments.


Banana does not grow on a tree, the banana plant does not have a woody trunk like normal tree but a false trunk. The banana is a herb, in fact the largest herb in the world.