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The Grace of Silk Saris

For occasions of all sorts and for the ladies of all ages silk saris are the perfect attire.

There is a special elegance and charm about them and for festivals, occasions or for special day they have been the choice of Indian women.

Silk is obtained from an insect known as “silkworm”. However, nowadays pure silk saris are rarely available in the market because to cut down the cost, manufacturers started adding other materials to silk. This slowly led to the degradation of silk.

There are several government run farms which keep the production of silk in check and these farms not only produce the silk but also manufacture the various products of the silk in the form of sarees and other attire.

In spite that the pure silk is much dearer than the other materials but the sizzling pure silk sarees are in demand and hence, back in fashion allover, now days. Wearing them reflects the ethnic and spell bounding culture of India. Besides that, the pure silk saris help in maintaining the standard of living among the people of various communities. The essence of silk can be felt from the person carrying it. Furthermore silk is available in different varieties all across the globe. In context of Indian culture silk has a special touch to it. South Indian silk saris are immensely popular throughout the country.

Pure silk saris come with the best designs, arts and styles. They are available in exuberant colors and forms. A little extraordinary work of glittering in the shape of zari border and zaal all over it, enhance the beauty of silk. These are specially worn for various special occasions such as weddings, parties, and festivals. Apart from this there are collections of Bridal Pure Silk Saris in the market, to make your D-day special. Also the various sub-categories in silk saris like Benares silk, Butter silk, Cot silk, Crepe silk, Garhwali, Jamavar silk, Jamdani Silk, Kanchipuram silk, Orissa silk, Patola silk, Raw silk, samu silk and south silk are easily available in the market.

To provide an aura of traditional look and to maintain an ever mounting popularity, the designers from India have strikingly adopted the traditions from Russia, China and Turkey. So, if you are looking for a stunning outfit, explore the Indian saris in markets to get an astounding look and feel. Saris are easily available in the market with the mind-boggling designs.

There is an option to customize the saris according to the customer’s demand of cost, designs and all other comfortable styles and fittings. The popularity of saris has reached new heights and as such the people from abroad who visit India prefer wearing them.

The beauty of this product lies in the fact that it is “evergreen” and is available in all ranges from cheap to about it highly expensive to accommodate customers as per their needs and capacity. So whether it is your son’s wedding or your nephew’s school function next, stun everybody around by draping yourself in a beautiful silk sari.

Ladies fashion of the late 1900s

Ladies fashion has always been affected by the time, more appropriately the decade in which it was present. The fashion of one decade could be just the opposite of the previous one. However, women have always taken particular attention as to keep themselves up-to-date with the current fashion trends of their times. Listed below are the major changes that took place in Ladies fashions in the late 1900s.


1980s: this decade saw the advent of Rock music and not surprisingly, the music had a big effect on the clothing and fashion of women. There were two categories of women that could be made out from the fashion. One would be the fun loving, cute and energetic girl and the other look that women sport was more of that of a rebellious hardcore rocker chick. The pants had the same trend from the last decade- high on the waist, but now they were of the lightest imaginable shades of all times. These were generally accompanied by fingerless gloves which soon became a popular style sported by almost all the girls. Tees of your favourite band on the top was the trend and was considered cool. The big change however came in the shoes with the converse becoming popular. Different styles of converse shoes in various colours were the ‘in thing’. Socks and sandals also became a popular piece of fashion.

The hair on the other hand had just one code and that was being cialisvsviagrasale big. Thick and heavily sprayed to make it poofy was the fashion. But this was done to piss off your parents though! Makeup too was equally hardcore. Craziest colours in eye shadows with eyeliners being extended to the brow. This was the fashion of the 80s. Just one word to describe it- Rebellion.

1990s: this was the decade of punk rock. Everything reeked of it. Every style was dedicated to it. Converse shoes went all the way up to the knees and it was considered awesome! Polos started becoming popular and this decade saw the advent of white jeans. Bright neon colours were considered the coolest. Teenage girls were crazy about miniskirts made out of leather. These skirts were called tube skirts. The 90s is infamous for making the low-rise jeans popular. It was accepted as wild fire in the ladies’ fashion. One can never forget the craze around the leather jackets. Apart from converse shoes, Doc Martin’s boots became popular among women.

The hair was literally abused with colour. So many times, it was dyed and with so many, different shades that one probably forgot what the natural colour was. But the curly hair was done away with and the flattening iron or the straightener came out of the drawers. It was used by all and on a regular basis. The hair was cool only if it was big. The makeup had now become more natural. Earthy colours were more often used. The fashion in the 90s saw the women screaming only one motto all the time- Dare to be different.