Are linkwheels dead? What is a link pyramid?

We talked in the past about how to properly create a linkwheel structure, how to maintain it and how to best benefit from it. Later on, it seems that Google has started devaluating links coming from linkwheels structures, so instead of still trying and seeing no benefits, what is the next step we can take?

The answer is quite simple: link pyramids. But what is a link pyramid and how can it help us? Basically, link pyramids are structures created from your money website, bumper sites and low-valuable backlinks. As the name says, you will have from 3 to x layers of backlinks, for example:

Top layer – money site
Middle layer – web 2.0 websites like, a hubpage, Squidoo pages etc
Thid layer – articles pointing to your web 2.0 structures
Fourth layer – less to 0 value backlinks pointing to your articles these can be from forum profiles, blog comments, social bookmarking etc

Of course, it depends of how competitive is your keyword and many other factors for knowing the exact number of web 2.0 properties to use or how many articles to submit, but basically this is the main structure that should be used. What happens when the “pyramid arises”? Well, your middle layer “sucks” link juice from your third layer which gets its link juice from the fourth layer, in the end all the benefits heading to your money site, through buffer sites.

Buffer sites are valuable while they can support different types of backlinks automatically created with tools like Xrumer, Scrapebox, SENuke and so on. Imagine pointing all those links to your money site in a week or so, the only word that comes to my mind is banned! Exactly, gaining thousands of backlinks in a week to your money site could only lead to getting banned/de-indexed from the search engines, thus the necessity of using those buffer websites to act like a barrier but in the same time gain all the automatically created link juice and transfer to your money site.

Whether we are talking about linkwheels, link pyramid or any other link building structure, you must keep in mind that a gradually increase in the backlinks number is a must. In the same time try to gain some really valuable backlinks as well, non-anchored backlinks and so on, so that your strategy will not raise any red flags and will not get you kicked from search engines’ index.