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Hello World!

Hello, I’m Piotrek. I’m 21. I live in Poland. I am a biotechnology student at Adam Mickiewicz Univeristy in Poznań. It is my 3rd year now which will hopefully end with BSc, then I have two more years to get MSc, so you can say I’m in a half of the way now. I also work in IT for Velnet company, being both a technician and an editor. My passion are martial arts. I have been learning Ju-jitsu for over nine years now. I also have experience and practice other styles and I am enjoying them all more and more.
I will be running a Polish section of the blog, but you can also expect some english blogs from me. My main topics will be science, especially biotechnology and martial arts. I enjoy reading and watching good movies so I will probably add two or three words of my thoughts about some films and books. I am also interested in Japan in wider angle than just the martial arts, and actually in many other things so don’t be surprised to read something irrelevant to the above 😉

Best Regards,


Hello, my name is Patrick. I am 20 years old and I work at the internet company Velnet. I am also attending university at the University of Sussex, which is just outside Brighton, UK. I’m studying a degree course called Music Informatics. I’ve been at uni for 1 term now and I am enjoying it very much. The course is interesting and informative and I have had lectures on elements of Artificial Intelligence, Java Programming, Composition and Music and Society. As the course progresses the elements of computing and music will be drawn together and I will be studying things such as electronic studio skills. Brighton is a great town to be a part of and the social life at uni is great!
I (mostly) grew up in a small city in the West Midlands of England called Hereford. It’s a beautiful part of the country and I’ve always loved being surrounded by the hills and fields of rural England. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here!
My main passion in life is Music, in all it’s many forms! I love going to gigs and finding out about new bands and DJs. I play a bit of Flute and Piano (both very badly!) and I’m also a hip-hop DJ.
Well I hope this tells you a little bit about me. Look out for regular postings from me in the music section and have a nice day!


Katrin is and art and craft buff, she is the proprietor of Hand Made Presents

Temitope Odurinde (Temi

Temitope Odurinde (Temi) has a BSc in Information Technology and Psychology; he attended Greenwich University for MSc in Internet Technologies. He currently works as in Internet Consultant for Velnet web hosting services.
Apart from his passion for the Internet, Temi is interested Social Psychology (A study of the blindingly obvious).
Temi is also a certified network engineer and computer buff, with various internationally recognized certifications such as MCSE+I, CNA, A+ and some ancient Cisco certification.