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Rolling Rolling Rolling Stone…

When I saw this category, I could not think of nothing but the future Rolling Stones concert in Poland. I like their music. Although I usually prefer something heavier, I really like it. But, you know, it’s something incredible what these guys are doing. I believe going on their concert will be like an expensive visit to the museum. I wonder where do they get all the strength from, not mentioning the desire to play over and over and over… Yes, I think they started to produce songs like a Xerox machine; the more they make, the less clearer they seem to be.

In a short time I will surely begin to wonder while there is some secret contest between them and James Brown. “Come on! Let’s see who writes more words per day!”. My goodness… I know people for whom this event is rather like curiosity.

Who knows, maybe the conclusion is that we should praise the Lord and all the Heaven for taking away Hendrix, Lennon, Joplin and others before they have started doing silly things.

Jagger, than, seems to have a kind of pact with the devil.