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Canoeing Equipment at HB Canoes and Kayaks

Canoeing Equipment

Canoeing is one of those sports where you can get endless amounts of canoeing equipment, from the essential to the handy. One of the most satisfying to own if you like comfort is the Old Town Sit Backer. The sit backer is a padded seat with adjustable angle backrest. If you have back issues, or like having support, this is almost essential. available for around £45 they will make your time canoeing far more enjoyable whilst also offering benefits when Canoe camping as it is easily removed and can be used as something comfy on the campsite. They fit most canoes that have traditional wood webbed or laced seats. A much more broad area of essential kit is that of buoyancy aids, there are literally hundereds to choose from. Kayakers like smaller length ones, ut these can feel more bulky to a canoeist. Popular choices for a recreational padder would feaure plenty of pockets and maybe a hydration bladder pocket at the back. They tend to be longer jacket styles which hug the body and feel very comfortable, a couple of examples would be the Palm Hydroadventure or the Delta Explorer. If the paddler wishes to venture into whitewater then the kit crosses over well with kayakers, the Nookie Rivermonster XT and Palm Extrem being two popular options. Canoeing equipment is very varied and extremely interesting – It is even possible to fit an outboard motor to a traditional canoe!

Should you be interested in equipment for your canoe or kayak then check out this website canoeing equipment to see all the Drybags, paddles, PFDs, seats,roof accessories and random bits and bobs you can get to kit your canoe out.