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Hotel grades and types in the UK

If you are planning a holiday, then the first thing that strikes your mind after travel is the accommodation that you would want to finalise so that you arrive in good shape and are comfortable during your stay.

Thanks to the internet, you can now get to know about the facilities offered by different hotels as expressed by the visitors who have stayed at such hotels and that can help you make up your mind as to which one to go for.

However since views of people can be pretty disparate and may not always be the right thing to go by. What is good service to one may not quite be the same to somebody else who has higher standards of expectation. Very often people do not write about the excellent service that they got at a particular hotel but would be the first to complain or write about something that went wrong. This can cause a mismatch between expectation and what you really experience at the place and that is often enough to spoil your vacation.

There is thus a need for some standards to be put in place so that these mean the same to everybody and there is no scope for individual perceptions of what it might be. That is how the star ratings came into play and has been relied upon as guidelines to judge a hotel. Since these ratings are given by different agencies and there is no standard yardstick to go by, the ratings by themselves cannot be taken at face value and at best are indicators of hotel’s pedigree.

It was in the year 2007 that the tourist boards AA as well as RAC began to put in place a grading structure to cover all kinds of accommodation in the UK. This was supposed to correct many existing differential views about what constituted a guest house, a hotel and where one should expect free bed and breakfast and so on.

Since both Bed and Breakfast mean accommodation and there is nothing to differentiate it from what a hotel, guest house or inn would be offering, the boards came to a conclusion that a particular place can only be called a hotel if it has not less than 6 rooms of which at least 75% should have facilities within the room besides a lounge, restaurant and license for liquor.

The B and B arrangement was categorised as you staying in the house of somebody having about 1-4 rooms to let. These establishments are not supposed to be serving meals except breakfast and would only have some basic facilities on offer. Certain high class B and B units would however have more services on offer in order to compete with hotels.

Similarly, the concept of what constitutes a guest house and where would they be placed in terms of category is still quite murky as some of the facilities offered are in between that of a home and that of a hotel, thus making it difficult to slot them.

Though the attempt of the new grading system was to remove confusion, it has brought in its wake fresh confusion in the manner it has now decided to grade establishments. It has brought into place a system of stars by which it will evaluate each category and gone are the days when it was only the hotels that had a star rating and both Band B as well as Guest Houses used the diamond symbol to reflect their status.

Win unlimited music downloads + Nokia X6

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The winner will be randomly selected on 30 May 2010. Good luck to all participants!

Discrete Adult Dating In The UK – Very Naughty launches new features to make adult dating even easier

Looking for an affair outside marriage or just something to spice up your life? With Very Naughty, you have came to the right place to fulfill your wishes.

It is no secret that Adult Dating Online is a popular way for consenting adults to spend their time. There are many adults searching online for discrete adults local to them to meet up with and have a good time. We arent talking about candle lit dinners and cinema trips, these adults want a different type of fun and everyone on the site is looking for the same thing.

The Very Naughty Team caters for people in that exact position. Not only that but the site has launched a set of new features to make it even easier for their members to find exactly what they are looking for.

The Very Naughty site literally has members from all walks of life, of all ages and from all over the UK. It doesnt matter what type of sensual liaison you are searching for, you will find members looking for married dating, adult contacts, you will find like minded individuals on their pages. It doesnt matter whether you are searching for fun outside of your marriage or you just want something a little more out there, there are so many members signed up to Very Naughty that there is bound to be some one that meets your taste.

Thankfully the people behind the scenes at Very Naughty want the site to be as easy to use and interactive as possible. This shows from the fantastic new features that they have added. They are constantly reviewing what they have to offer so even newer features are bound to be added soon.

However, for now new additions for this month include:


A change in their payment model for a premium account on the site. It is now a flat rate for men and women to women can register for free. Not only that but you can now pay by mobile phone or pay pal and not just credit card (these guys think of everything!)


Dont be afraid of getting in touch. You now dont have to think about the message you want to send to some one. Just send them a virtual gift and they will be sent the gift and a link to your profile giving them the ultimate chance to check out your profile.

Ice Breaker

Dont know who you want to message? Well dont worry because these guys honestly do think of everything. Women on the site can now use the Ice Breaker tool which allows them to send one message to 400 local men at the click of a button.

Whether you are looking for an Affair outside marriage, you want to Date a Cougar or you just want something a little out of the ordinary the Very Naughty site will be able to cater to your needs and with their new features its now even easier! So good luck with finding what you want, not that you will need it 😉

Saying Hi

Just popping in to say a big HI to everybody out there in directory land and beyond.

 I dont have as much time as i’d like but hope my bit helps. My work takes me all over the UK but also involves a lot of home based work so being involved with Haabaa help me relax and forget the hassles of business. I am also an editor for the Open Directory and have done a bit for joeant.

 Will try to pop in from time to time but if you want to get hold of me your best bet is email.


Take care


Allergic Britain

Although Pollen is Britain’s most common allergy, however millions of Brits suffer from other allergies ranging from false fingernails to Kiwi fruit, here is a list of other items we are allergic to in Britain and the approximate number of sufferers.

Allergic to leather —————–> 103,000
Allergic to housefly —————-> 644,000
Allergic to squirrel fur ————-> 181,000
Allergic to tomatoes —————> 526,000
Allergic to tree ———————> 1,796,000
Allergic to breath spray ———–> 226,000
Allergic to ants ——————-> 1,095,000
Allergic to wasp ——————-> 5,593,000
Allergic to windscreen wiper fluid –> 290,000
Allergic to paint dye ——————> 371,000
Allergic to deodorant —————–> 1,957,000
Allergic to gold ————————> 412,000
Allergic to moisturizer —————–> 412,000
Allergic to dust ————————> 4,047,000
Allergic to chili ————————-> 737,000
Allergic to kiwi fruit ———————> 291,000
Allergic to spices ——————-> 568,000
Allergic to sweat ———————–> 774,000
Allergic to artificial fingernails ———-> 100,000
Allergic to nylon ————————> 657,000
Allergic to perfume ————————-> 2,326,000