Get customer reviews to work for your business

We all know the great value provided by online customer reviews, but do we know how to make the most of each and every sale we deliver ? Customer reviews influence the buying decision of other prospects searching for the products/services one is promoting while before purchasing goods people these days rely on positive testimonials they see online.

More than that, positive reviews not only increase conversion rates but also boost websites’ traffic and nowadays are even helpful for search engine optimisation (citations are proven to be a top notch « weapon » in ranking higher in search engines positions). One of the many problems encountered by entrepreneurs is how to get those so needed testimonials, and this article will give readers an idea about how can they increase the reviews’ numbers about their firm/product/service.

One simple method that is strictly related to website’s architecture is a feedback button. This not only gives a great opportunity to gather more testimonials on the site but also is proven to be helpful to people browsing a website in search for information related to what they are looking for.

However, for those clients not taking the first step in writing a testimonials, here comes method two. After a purchase, always send an email (it can be setup-ed very easily and automatically) to ask for a review ; invite them for writing a feedback, explain that their thoughts and ideas are important for improving the business and services offered.
One of the most simple way to get testimonials would be to get in touch with previous customers and ask them some simple questions that can be used as a testimonial, like how is the product they have bought, are they still using it, what do they like about it and so on. At the end ALWAYS ask permission to use what they have just said as a testimonial, whether if it will be used on your website or on a third party reviews site. Offer to those that spent time to give you a testimonial something in exchange, such as a discount on a future purchase. However, if the business has not made sales until now, always use your friends and family to test some free samples and ask them for a review. A great way for not so aged firms.

A last trick for getting testimonials would be social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Each one should make use of these two platforms in order to get some positive feedback. Not to forget about forums, old members all have a word to say in front of community they activate in and are usually great value for a business. Offer discounts/money/a prize to some old members on forums related to what the business offers and ask them to write down some positive words about your services.