Hello, my name is Patrick. I am 20 years old and I work at the internet company Velnet. I am also attending university at the University of Sussex, which is just outside Brighton, UK. I’m studying a degree course called Music Informatics. I’ve been at uni for 1 term now and I am enjoying it very much. The course is interesting and informative and I have had lectures on elements of Artificial Intelligence, Java Programming, Composition and Music and Society. As the course progresses the elements of computing and music will be drawn together and I will be studying things such as electronic studio skills. Brighton is a great town to be a part of and the social life at uni is great!
I (mostly) grew up in a small city in the West Midlands of England called Hereford. It’s a beautiful part of the country and I’ve always loved being surrounded by the hills and fields of rural England. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live here!
My main passion in life is Music, in all it’s many forms! I love going to gigs and finding out about new bands and DJs. I play a bit of Flute and Piano (both very badly!) and I’m also a hip-hop DJ.
Well I hope this tells you a little bit about me. Look out for regular postings from me in the music section and have a nice day!

My town

What should I write about?

The question is good, if you consider that I am only a begginer in blogging. I want to write something to this blog, but I don’t know exactly what I shoud write about.

I complete lack of subjects to wirte about, I will write about the town I am living in.

The name of the town is Oradea. It is a medium size town (for our country), in Transylvania, Romania. It is realy easy to find. Is the forst town when you came into Romania on E60 road. This medium size means some 250.000 inhabitants. My birthtown is 56 km away, so it is quite close if you have a car. If you need to look fo other transportation than you will see that this 56 km is quite much.
The train is not reliable to go with. It needs some 2 hours to get there by train, if it is going. The railway company is making some works on the route so there is time when the train is not going in that direction at all. The last year there was a bridge which collapsed so that was the reason why they stoped the train(for several weeks).
You can take the bus. There are some 4 buses going back and forth to my town and Oradea. Two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Thir ride will take 1.5 hours to go there and it is not very confortable. It must stop in every village to pick up the customers and there are many villages. The price is not too high, but it could be cheaper a little.
The third option to reach my town is by “taxi”. I am saying “taxi”, because they are not realy taxi drivers. They don’t have all the papers they need. This is a quick way to get to your destionation. It only takes some 45 minutes. That is if you find these taxis when you need them, or there are enough customers for them because you need to wait until the car is full and only then they go.
I use the third one. With a little luk you can go with them anytime from 6 o’clock in the morning until 4-5 o’clock in the afternoon. It is only a little more expensive than the bus and it is more confortable.

I finished up in Oradea because I was in the collage here. This is not a big collage and it is not the best of the country, but it was the closest. My grandparents live here too, so in the first few years of collage I had a good place to stay. You know how the grandparents are. Always looking to be good for you. IN the collage years I have found some new friends here and I begin to like this town. It is not very beautifull but is becomming more and more good every year. But not this year.
All over the town every company is working something. The local transportation company is changing the tram-line, the cable company and the telepfone company is mounting the cables undergournd. The authorities are changing the water and heating pipes as well as mounting the gas pipes undergound. So the whole town is looking like in the middle of a war. There are trenches everywhere, everybody is digging.

Lukily they have finished some work before the cold arrived (together with the rain and snow). But most of the work is still unfinished. The roads are not asphalted back after the works, in some places the holes are still there, uncovered. Quite a mess. But the part of the town which is finished is looking extreamly cool. The pavement is made fine from little stoned all over the finished area. They are planning to make the whole town like this.

I think that it will look realy good when all the works will be completed next year. But beside the works there are many things to see here. We have a really old citadel and other buildings from the 19th century. There is a huge museum with many findings bellonging to those who lived here.

So, if you will like to come to our nice town, you are welcomed to do so, and maybe we will meet somewhere to a drink. 😉

Video Games

Everybody like to play games, no matter their age, sex or location. There are many types: simulation games, strategy games, shooters, role playing games, tycoons, etc.

Beside the testers, who are playing as a job, everybody is playing because it is fun. Single player games are fun too, but when more people comes together from all over the world to play the same game, in the same team or the opposite team , now that is even more fun.

And because it is so fun to play games and because many people is playing, the producer companies are putting millions into the developement of these games and into the developement of consoles for these games, every company pushing the technology to the limit. Overtime games got better graphics, better gameplay, they became larger and more expensive. This is the reason why tosay’s games don’t run on yesterdays consoles. If you want to play the best game you need to buy the best hardware.

I prefer the simulators, stratagy, tycoons, shooters, well basicly I like every kind of games which have one thing in common: fun.

How to make dry felted balls

What you need to make the balls:
· Core; second grade fleece
· Woollen thread
· Fleeces in desired colours (suitable for felting, for example merino)
· Felting needle, or felting needle holder with several needles (makes it quicker)

Form a ball with the second grade fleece and wrap the woollen thread tightly around it, adding fleece where required to make the ball nice and round.
When you have reached the desired size, prick it with the needle(s) until you are happy with the shape.
Wrap one layer of coloured fleece around the ball, and prick it on tightly. Then let your imagination run wild by adding different colours to create a truly original felted ball.


Katrin is and art and craft buff, she is the proprietor of Hand Made Presents