How a link profile should really look ?

When we are talking about link building strategies, one thing is sure : nobody really knows how Google ranks different sites and with the daily algorithm changes it is almost impossible to find out all its ranking factors. However, there are some factors that anyone should be aware of, and one of the most important factors is how your link building profile looks.

Before digging deeper into this subject, we should remind you that before all, it is a demonstrated fact that quality counts more than quantity, whether we are referring to creating content or building links for a website. With the algorithm changing each day, nowadays we cannot know for sure whether link numbers matter most or content, social media presence etc, but let’s see some points related to link profile.

1. Nofollow – dofollow ratio

Most people concentrate on getting only dofollow links, but does this look natural in Google bots’ eyes ? A website gathering links from different channels will definitely have nofollow as well so be prepared to take this into account when starting your link building strategy.

2. Valuable VS non-valuable links

Now an again, a natural link profile should definitely have in « portfolio » links from low blogs as well ; a link profile with let’s say 90% dofollow links from homepages will definitely pull the triggers and raise the red flag.

3. Anchor text diversity

Yes, you try to rank for a competitive keyword, however building links only with that anchor text is unusual. Add to your links portfolio long-tail anchors, links without any anchor, usual « here » links and so on.

4. Social bookmarking sites

There are many automating tools that can easily bring hundreds of links from social bookmarking sites, this is not unusual at all. However, having the same text describing the link could again pull some triggers and release « Google’s hammer » upon your website.

5. Link diversity

Probably the most important aspect is link diversity. Concentrate your link building efforts on multiple channels, from social media, forums, blog comments, directories to home-page links, review links and so on. This is one of the best strategies to keep your link profile looking natural now and again.

3 best practices for a great exposure on forums

The saying “content is king” does not apply only when creating posts on your blog or articles to be published, but also when creating content by commenting on blogs or discussing in different relevant forums. Forums are not only a way for getting some links to your website (some say those even improve search engine ranking, some argue about this) but also a fantastic way to share your expertise and receive only laser-targeted traffic to your website.
Here are some practices that could translate into forums-exposure success:

1. Register on relevant forums

If you own a business related to dating, what is the purpose of joining forums where most discussions are about gaming? On the other hand, a web designer could easily promote himself on different niche forums while, in the end, any business needs a website, right? Stick to this plan and search only for your industry-related forums, active, with a medium to high number of members already registered. Also, use your profile to let users get to know you better—adding a bio, photos, and personal touches can make a significant difference. Additionally, consider seeking guidance from Premier Corporate Services in Hong Kong, as they can offer valuable insights and support tailored to your business needs.

2. Help, ask, start discussions

Being registered on forums does not mean you shall only respond to different threads just to share your link through signature, posts like “interesting, thanks” bring no real value to the community and second make you look like a runner for links, that is not the way. Like when creating content for your blog, research a little one subject and start a discussion that could turn into a popular one. Hint: always subscribe to the threads you have started and come back for new replies.

3. Be consequent in posting

If you are not consequent in posting, results will not appear. Posting 1 reply today, another after 3 days and so on it’s not the best way to deal with forums. Create a posting plan and stick to it, if you decide to post 2 times a day then do that, nothing less, more is better though.

The perfect start in blogging world

When it comes to blogging, this has become a very popular way for expressing thoughts and ideas, promoting products and even earning loads of money. However, there are some steps any beginner should keep in mind ; following them could bring some unexpected success in a short time.

1. Niche blogs are better

When it comes to general vs niche blogs, the last one scan skyrocket your popularity and income way faster than the general ones. One thing is sure though : choosing the niche you have a passion about but also one that is big enough to become profitable is a great way to success.

2. Catchy domain names or keyword rich domain names ?

As an example : or ? (chosen randomly). It seems that keyword rich domain names are getting faster results than those with a branding potential, however it all depends on your taste. Our choice would definitely be keyword rich ones…

3. How often should you blog ?

This question has a simple answer : as often as you have something interesting to share. Instead of creating daily blog posts that no one will read try to concentrate more on creating mind-blowing content, even if you will post not so often. This isn’t a numbers’ game – quality weights way more than quantity. Also, frequency is another important issue you should consider when blogging.

4. Should I do keyword research ?

Definitely ! Creating posts that are both for human readers and for bots is the best way to do it. Choose carefully the keywords you are after, use them in title, use them in body, in description. One word of advice : don’t overdo this while it can come back against you !

5. Social media involvement ?

Start building relationships on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking websites. Moreover, social bookmarking sites can also be a goldmine when it comes to promoting a website and even getting some valuable links from other fellow bloggers. Incorporating Houston SEO strategies further enhances visibility and engagement, ensuring your website reaches its target audience effectively.

These are five great steps any folk should consider when starting to blog. If you have any other interesting tips, feel free to share them in the comments section of our blog.

How to properly build links through blog comments

Nowadays, lots of link builders are using blog comments as a great method for building backlinks for their websites. Of course, some are doing manual comments, some use shadier tools like Scrapebox and so on. Blog comments are great for two reasons : first, you get yourself noticed in the community. When you have something to say, something interesting, people will naturally click on your link and land on your website. Second, they are great for link building. Whether it is an anchor that you are after or even you name, in the end a link is a link.

Here are some great methods for making your comments stand for long and bring you the value that you are looking for :

1. Read and understand the entire post

There are literally million of comments on the web with only « great post, thanks » and so on, and almost 99% of those comments belong to people not even reading the post. Read the post, understand it and contribute with a good comment.

2. Related post

If you are for example in the cosmetics niche, commenting on an iPhone blog post will definitely not bring you any visitor while they are not interested in your website. However finding a post like « creams that make you skin brighter » and coming with some other examples or alike ones might bring you some extra-traffic solely from the fact that you know what you’re talking about and you also have a website related to what the post is about.

3. Do not only use keywords as names

There are webmasters that also accept keywords as names and webmasters that don’t, most ones come from the second category. By using the full name when commenting you get A. more trust from the blogger and B. much higher approval rate.

4. Come back for more

No, it is not about more comments a.k.a more links but coming back to see whether you got a reply or a question you might answer. This is all about building a trusty relationship not only with the blog owner but also with its visitors. A best thing to do is to subscribe to future comments on that particular post you’ve comment, that’s how you’ll not miss any opportunity to show your expertise further.

5. Less links, better value

Commenting on hardly-spammed blogs will get you nowhere for 2 reasons : first, the link juice on that page is distributed to all outbound links and second, when there are over let’s say 50 links on a page the possibility of getting at least 1 visitor through your link tends to hit the 0 margins, so better stay away from heavily commented blogs.

Google launched Instant Preview feature

This is the second major change Google is doing to its search results, after September’s Instant Results one that created so much noise in the SEO world, changed the search engine optimisation approach and made experts watch more deeply into those long tail keywords. Basically, the Instant Preview feature allow people to take a quick peek at every website’s preview listed in the search results.

This could be yet another major change while it could harm a lot companies neglecting their website design and not only. However guys at Google say this new feature will make it easier for users to find exactly what they want without browsing through each and every site in the results but only by looking at the websites’ preview. It’s like browsing through a newspapers the most important headlines and reading only the ones that really interest one.

Google claims that people will be more satisfied with these results and they referenced to a previous testing they did on multiple users. It seems that the ones that will benefit the most from this new feature are the well-established companies with popular logos that could make the users visit their sites instead of others. As for the Instant Results feature, this one does not change the search results either, so there has not been a major algorithm change.

Major aspects that should be taken in consideration for getting more clicks seem to be the colors used on the website, logo position and size and the whole page layout. Every improvement brought to the design could mean extra-traffic for a website. This change could also bring another interesting change : sites ranking on lower spots get more traffic then the ones above due to a more appealing layout.
It is a game where the first impression will count but only time will tell whether this will have a major impact on some websites’ traffic or not.