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Pyramid Quick Lock Flooring

Pyramid Quick Lock Flooring Mats are essential caravan accessories that any camping enthusiast should take advantage of. These are multi-purpose flooring tiles that lock together in order to provide a practical soft surface that can be utilised inside as well as outside without any hassle. Not only that they can be used at home or when going camping but they can also be used at workshop, garage, gym or whatever place you might find suitable for.

The Pyramid Quick Locking Flooring Mats provide softness and warm anyone is looking for in a camping trip but they are also very strong, durable and versatile; edging in pack of 8 can also be a great variant in order to create a very tidy and neat set up.

Among its main features we should highlight:

– Stong EVA rot proof tiles
– Patterned non slip finish
– Can be styled and chosen in different variants thus covering an area as larger as one might desire
– It is easy to be adapted for both soft and hard terrain
– It can be used when camping, caravanning, boating or even in the home
– Very durable, robust and hard wearing, thus making it suitable for any time
– Eco-friendly – it is designed that grass can still grow through it
– Each tile is approximately 52×52 cm
– Each pack contains 4 tiles that can easily cover and approximate area of 1 square meter

The Pyramid Quick Locking Flooring Mats is indeed one of the best choices available these days for camping enthusiast and with the low prices that it is coming with why looking for something else and not choosing this product as a best companion in your warm or cloudy trips?