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Four great Firefox plugins for SEO

Although there are a multitude of Firefox plugins helpful for SEO, this article will showcase the ones that are used almost day by day and really could make your life much harder if would not be available.

We should start with the most popular one nowadays, SEOQuake. This plugin is amazing if you look at the incredible amount of information it features about analysed websites. It is not good only for root domains but also great for individual pages from a blog/site. By using it you get instant access to page page rank, Yahoo backlinks, Google index, domain age, source, description, keywords, titles, keyword density and many others, fantastic information for any SEO. Moreover, if it is activated while you do a search all the data from top results can be integrated in that very page and then sort by PR, backlinks or any other parameter you might find helpful. It also has a feature to show whether a link is nofollow or dofollow.

Aaron Wall’s Rank Checker is another definitely awesome tool for a daily basis usage. It is great for checking keywords ranks on Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Live. The great thing about it is that you can export your results in a CSV document and whenever you are doing a check on your rankings in the future you can compare them with the actual rankings. Awesome tool.

SEO for Firefox is another brilliant tool that can create impressive reports with data like Google page rank, Yahoo links, .edu links, Dmoz presence etc, mostly as SEOQuake does. However this one has the advantage of providing instant access to other SEO tools for keyword research, Google trends and traffic estimator, and a great feature is that all the data can be exported to CSV.

Flagfox is great for finding out the current server’s physical location where the website is hosted. Not only that, but Flagfox also shows the ISP, whois and DNS, page code validation, pings and tracerouts and many others.

So here they are, four awesome Firefox plugins for every SEO to make full use of. The list could go on and on while there are literally hundreds of plugins like those, however they are some of the greatest ones we have worked with so far.