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Google Insight Search – What can it be used for?

Most of the times website owners forget doing some basic keywords research, whether we are talking about finding good keywords for PPC campaigns or even for organic optimisation. Google, as always, has yet another great tool for helping us in this matter called Google Insight Search. Google Insight Search reveals the search trends based on several criteria, when “asked” about different keywords or keyphrases.

This service is just a fantastic free one for companies trying to optimise and promote popular keywords related to their specific niche topic and also see which ones are on a “going up” or “going down” trend. What makes Google Insight Search truly an outstanding tool is the fact it reveals keywords trends based on the course of several years, thus getting a nice picture of whether it worth promoting or not a certain industry keyword.

This tool also helps you compare search volumes patterns based on regions, period of time and more other. Using it is a very easy task: just enter a search term you are trying to see whether it worth or not, choose your country and hit enter.
Suppose you do a search for the phrase “seo company” in UK, in the last years in England. Note that in the last month the sentence suffered a decline in terms of searching but also there are some relevant keywords that can be used instead of that. Moreover, the tool shows you that London is a great city to target related to that keyword while most searches are performed on that location.

Whether you are just starting a new campaign or working on a previous one, it might be a good start to use this tool in your SEO campaign and step-up with the right foot in website optimisation.