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How to increase backlinks by creating a Link Wheel

One great method for creating a “well-seen” website for the search engines and to gain benefits from valuable backlinks is to create a link wheel. In simple words, this strategy implies building a collection of mini-sites and blogs called “satellites” on different high-authority platforms.

By creating this group of satellites on well-established platforms, the targeted website will gain two advantages: first, links pointing to the website will be indexed quite fast by Google and second, the main site’s link will boost in strength and authority.

First things first, picking up the platforms for the link wheel is the major task and should be analyzed carefully.

1. Blogger.com should be the first one used while, well, it belongs to Google’s network. That translates into a very quick spiders’ crawl of every new blog created on Blogger. Therefore creating first a new blog here would be a great step.
However, in order to full-benefit from it, you should first create two, maybe three articles without any link to your website. Of course, using the targeted keywords in the articles is quite a must, but stay away from the links when starting the blog.

2. Squidoo and HubPages are the next two “chosen ones” for the link wheel, while these both are also amongst Google’s preferred ones. As for the Blogger, concentrate first in publishing 2-3 articles before throwing anchor text links to your main site. After you are done with this, use a link that points from HubPages to main site and one to Squidoo. You will have no hard time when creating “lenses” and “hubs” while those two are quite similar and easy to use.

Ok, so we have 1 main site, 3 satellites in the network and willing for more. How many? The sky is the limit, you can go from 4-5 to 15-20, depending on how large you want your link wheel to be. Here are some other platforms that can be easily setup and used as satellites blogs:


Second golden rule would be to use only unique content. Writing so many articles for all satellites would take a lot of time, therefore you could write an article and use an article spinner to create multiple variations of your first one and get them published on the blogs.

Ok, but how do we link the mini-sites and the main site one to each other? In order to make a link wheel look like natural linking it must be something as in the attached figure. All links would be generated only by using anchor text in articles and the most important matter, the main site does not link to any of those mini-blogs, but all link to it and all are linked to each other in a random way.