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How to sell products on Twitter

Twitter has become lately not only a social media website where you could share links, build a community and so on but also a great place for helping you in your SEO strategy (Matt Cutts admitted social media links are now part of SERPs algorithms) and furthermore, a website where you could easily sell your products as well (or others’ products, as an affiliate marketer).

Finding clients on Twitter it is not something as difficult as it may sound, when using the proper tools for doing this. Let’s take for example online stores selling their products on Twitter, with great success ; these all work, so why wouldn’t you dive in and search for other distribution channels like Twitter ?

Maybe some of you have heard in the past about this tool, maybe some have never heard about it : TweetDeck – a so called « social media dashboard ». It is easy to install and use, just go to TweetDeck.com, download the app and run it. Before using this tool you should first create a list of buying-phrases that will definitely help you finding new customers. For examples, as Valentine’s Day is almost here, you could run queries like « Valentine’s gifts », « gifts ideas for Valentine’s », « gifts for my love » and so on.

Ok, so we have the list, now search those through TweetDeck and start making offers to potential customers ; one word of advice though, do not overdo it or it might turn against you. The best approach would be to start asking questions like « what kind of gift would you like », « does your girlfriend likes movies » etc. This way you will get to know what gift to propose to your prospect and also start building relationships as well.

This is definitely not a quick get-rich-online scheme but a method of increasing your sales and searching for prospects on various different channels, others that you have been used with by now.