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Google to change the game in fighting with spam

Although over the last years Google rolled out thousands of major algorithm changes that caused up and downs, however when it comes to fighting against search engine spam things have not changed too much, same with content farms, auto-generated websites and so on.

Recently, Google’s Matt Cutts wrote a blog post related content farms and how Google will be fighting with those in the following months. Basically, they have launched a redesigned “document-level classifier” that it seems to be a major improvement when it comes to fighting with spam websites. To sum it up, Matt announced three major changes that are about to be launched:

– The document-level classifier redesign for on-page spammy content (like keyword stuffing)
– Major improvement for detecting hacked websites (a major source of spam in 2010)
– Sites with low levels of original content and those auto-blogs seem to have come to an end

Therefore, we should be waiting for some major changes in “auto-blogging world” and “links from “high PR .gov .edu links marketplace”, this could mean a great step-up in Google algorithms. Matt Cutts added that Google’s major concerns in 2011 will be however related to auto-generated content websites while they receive many complains from both searchers and other SEO companies/people.

However, one question should be asked: what kind of auto-generated content websites Google will try to tackle? Are they talking only about personal auto-blogs made for money sites or are they including even big websites using auto-generated content like AllTop? Remember the action against Mahalo?

It seems that 2011 will be the year when Google is trying to put more emphasis on original content, on websites that really deserve top places in SERPs and on the other hand those auto-generated content sites seem to have come to and end. We consider this latest Matt Cutts’ blog post more like a warning than a simple announcement, but only time will tell us whether if we were right or wrong.