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Internet Explorer 9 better than other browsers for HTML5 Compliance

W3C, the Worldwide Web Consortium has recently revealed the results of the first HTML5 conformity to HTML 5. According the this test, the browser that best suits the latest web standards set is no other than Internet Explorer 9. This won the test over other popular browsers like Google Chrome 7, Firefox 4 beta 6, Safari 5 and Opera 10.6.

Although HTML5 specification are not finalised yet and this test does not cover all its specs, one thing is sure: Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is a changed browser with a different approach. Seven aspects of HTML5 specifications were tested: “audio”, “video”, “canvas”, “attributes”, “foreigncontent”, “getElementsByClassName” and “xhtml5”, while others like API file or web workers were skipped for this test. Other standards like CSS have not been tested.

The final W3C test clearly shows that IE9 is at the top of HTML5 conformance table, followed by the other four popular browsers. Although Microsoft’s browser has not been praised from a lot of points of view it seems they are making a killer release for Web standards.

However, according to W3C these results are not the final ones while the HTML5 Test suite is still under development and the results might change at any time. This test suite is designed to help developers write application that are fully compliant with HTML5. These being said, you can see the results in the attached table.