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How to build a website in 5 minutes with Online SiteBuilder

VelnetWeb is an UK based company aiming to deliver best online services at best possible prices. They provide services such as web design, domain names registration, web hosting and others alike. Lately, they are offering to potential customers an online solution for building a website effortless, called Online SiteBuilder.

Online SiteBuilder takes the websites building tools to another higher level, while being an advanced solution for those willing to create a site by themselves. By utilizing it anyone can easily create a website without even needing to have a previous experience.

The procedure for building a site with Online SiteBuilder is very easy, there are only 8 simple steps that need to be followed in order to get things right:

1. Register for free and access SiteBuilder; in 5 minutes a ready-to-go website will be created
2. Create the project – choose company name, website title etc
3. Design the website – select a template, use your logo
4. Style it – customize template, choose the favourite navigator
5. Manage page structure
6. Create site content – the WYSIWYG html editor works like a charm
7. Add extra features and components
8. Hit publish!

The SiteBuilder has numerous features that anybody will find of great help. Here are some of them:

– more than 700 graphics such as icons, buttons, banners etc in Image Library
– more than 700 templates to choose from in the Template Catalogue ; also, any template can be customized to suit your tastes
– website compatible with 800×600 or higher screen resolution
– various extras component like Photo Album, Online Flash Editor, Guest Book and many others
– any language is supported for use when creating a website (excluding right-to-left languages, for now)

After the website is created and published, a free 15 days trial applies so that the site will remain online for that period. After that amount of time the site will be subject to a fee.