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4 WordPress plugins that will skyrocket your blog in search engines

Anyone now knows that there are endless possibilities of earning some money from a personal blog or a « made for money » blog. Although it is quite a difficult task finding the niche that could bring loads of money and monetize it, the most hard-demanding part is to become very visible in the engines and get the desired visitors that will bring money. As an alternative, some consider investing in cryptocurrencies through best bitcoin trading platform uk for Bitcoin trading.

In this article we are going to discover four WordPress plugins that no only will help a blog to rank higher in the search engines but also become a must tools for each and every blog out there.

First, let’s start with what I consider one of the best free WordPress plugin for optimising a blog, the « SEOPower ». This was designed to help any beginner in search engine optimisation (and experts as well) to skyrocket their rankings and, as the author says, dominating Google. Well, maybe dominating Google is not so easy, but this plugin will definitely give you a good start by revealing some important aspects of your blog like :

– It discovers the exact keywords/phrases that drove visitors from Google to your blog : this is really awesome, it’s like having a personal keyword researcher hired full-time
– It converts that exact keyword into a tag to make the on-site SEO stronger for that certain term and then it applies that tag on every post that contains the keyword
– It shows the exactly ranking for those keywords ; the most important aspect of this rank tracking feature is that is presents the ranking BEFORE and AFTER this plugin was installed and put its magic automatically SEO finger on your blog
– Last, but not least, it contains an interesting chapter that updates you with different plugins that you might find useful ; it is like an adviser, checking that chapter with regularity could show you some interesting plugins that might help you but from some reason you missed to install.

Second, the « Yet Another Related Posts Plugin », or simply said YARP is a tool that analysis carefully the titles, tags and categories each and every post, calculates a matching score and applies the related posts to where it considers the related posts suit well. It also displays the related posts in RSS and Atom feeds, a great WordPress plugin for internal linking.

The third one, Wping.FM, is also great for traffic and search engine optimisation. How it should be used : install the plugin on your WordPress blog ; register at Ping.FM and add those social media websites listed ; activate the plugin. Now, whenever you create a new post on your blog, the plugin will automatically send the link to Ping.FM which will syndicate the post to all those social media websites registered to.

We all know the importance of images, their names and the ALT and TITLE attributes for search engine optimisation, but do we always have the time to choose the proper ones for each and every image on our blog ? The last plugin from this article is « SEO Friendly Images », another optimisation tool but this time for the images on your WordPress blog. What it does is simply to update all the images it discovers with ALT and TITLE attributes, according to the selected options. It is a great tool for blogs that have hundreds, maybe thousands of images, but without the ALT and TITLE attributes selected. More than that, this tool also validates the post from a W3C/xHTML point of view. Why are the ALT tags so important for images, you might ask : as Google cannot actually « read » the image, the ALT attribute describes the image to the search engine and thus it might rank it when users search for a certain image by your selected ALT keywords. Although the importance of ALT attribute is obvious, the TITLE attribute does not play such a great role in search engine optimisation but will definitely improve users’ experience by placing a text that appears in the tooltip when the mouse is over that certain picture.

All these WordPress plugins can play a major role in achieving higher results in the search engines and most important, all are free. If you know more plugins that can definitely improve a blog’s SEO you can share its below, in the comments section.