They ‘Attack’ with ‘Hypnotize’!

The new album from System Of A Down called ‘Hypnotize’ is out and rocking! It is the second part of ‘Mezmerize’. I know this is not a news as Hypnotize is out from November 2005, and Mezmerize was out on May 2005. But I think this is really an event that is worth to write about.

Firstly, because it is one of the best albums I ever heard! My favorite track? Well: Attack, Dreaming, Kill Rock ‘N Roll, Hypnotize, Stealing Society, Tentative, U-Fig, Holy Mountains, Vicinity Of Obscenity, She’s Like Heroin, Lonely Day, Soldier Side. Yes, that’s the full track list 🙂

As usual they touch moral and ethical problems of our lives, social diseases and politics of war. The music which stands for the very meaning of the message it carries in unique style. This is System Of A Down. Straight from their first record, through outstanding Toxicity until now. The last two albums are a bit comercialised which usually doesn’t bring any good to the music itself. On the other hand you can now hear the progress they made. All the tracks sound perfect, there is no more any slightly-raw bits like there were in previous albums.

But who am I to judge! There is a lot of artists who say similar things in different kinds of music. But there is not that much of music which goes straight to our own hearts and minds. The variety is a spice of life. Listen to it yourself. You can hear a free sample of new album on the ‘SOAD’s’ official website at

Breathing each other’s lives
Holding this in mind
That if we fall, we all fall
And we fall alone

‘Attack’ from ‘Hypnotize’

See you,