Whois, domain name, IP address script

Whois, domain name, IP address tools was developed for allowing people to find basic or detailed information about issues like domain name availability, IP lookup or any other important details related to a specific website. For a live demo of this script visit www.whois-uk.com and try its features, for free.

These handy tools’ major features are listed below, with characteristics’ describing:

1. It is a very useful tool for performing fast and accurate whois on domain names.

2. More than just illustrating the availability of a domain naime, it also suggests alternative domain names that could be taken in consideration.

3. IP address tool allows webmasters to look-up, search and locate an IP address for which somebody is seeking this kind of information.

4. When searching for a specific website’s information, data like Google PR, Alexa Rank, daily pageview, website’s description and keywords is displayed. This becomes a very handy tool for any webmaster out there that is in search for valuable facts about a website he might be interested in.

5. A Google search is incorporated in this toolkit for a higher visitors’ usability.

6. Domain name IP address tools also offers complete information about the remote server that website is running on like : what type of operating system it is used on that very server, what version or what dependency and where it is located.

The Whois, domain name, IP address script is a versatile and very useful tool when it comes to searching specific information about sites, addresses and domain names.

This script was developed by Temi.co.uk, therefore for downloading and support for using the script visit www.temi.co.uk and use the contact form on that website.