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The extreme popularity of the Internet means we can get absolutely everything we need online, even fine a new love, play games or even cheat on our wife, girlfriend or boyfriend.

In the past few years there has been a tremendous peak in the amount of Internet dating sites that have been created to cater to this growing market. Some match making services even go as far as to suggest that as many as 1 in 5 relationships these days start in an online community.

This online dating trend works something like the speed dating services that a lot of people have used in the past. Individuals present their best self to as many other available singles in a short amount of time hoping that by meeting so many people the odds are that at least one or two will want a second date. Speed dating services were attractive options for people lacking the confidence to introduce themselves in other social situations; this took the pressure off of having to walk up to someone you do not know and start a conversation. Today with the Internet, individuals lacking confidence in themselves and their abilities to attract someone else find it is even easier to put himself or herself out there because there is no chance of being rejected in person right off the bat.

Online dating sites are perfect for busy individuals who, for whatever reason, have yet to find true love. Even people who never thought that they would find someone to settle down with now have a chance at finding their perfect partner. Thanks to the Internet it is easier than ever to find another person to share your life and love with.