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So you’e got an interiew coming up, first of all well done that is an achievement in itself, but now you are probably nervous and excited all at the same time and maybe panicking about what to wear because you want to make sure that apart from saying the right things and coming across in the right wayou look presentable and professional.

It is definitely possible to look fashionable and still professional and it has everything to do with colour, stay away from the traditional black and white that seems to be the staple uniform, and inject some colour into that interview room.

You can base what you wear around three main pieces of clothing:


Skirt, make this the centre piece to base your outfit around, you could choose a straight fitted A-line skirt but instead of going for the predictable black colour, choose a burgundy red, or a royal blue, this will immediately make your whole outfit pop. Top with a crisp white short-sleeve shirt and a fitted short sleeve white blazer, keep your blazer buttons done up. Complete the look with black shoes and black handbag. If you choose to wear jewellery a plain gold necklace and gold studs will look good, plain statement pieces rather than over the top dangly flashy jewellery.


If you would feel more comfortable wearing a pair of trousers, then it would be advisable to stick to the traditional black, anything else will look too much, but you can still inject colour into the outfit with the blouse or the blazer. For example a black pair of trousers with a deep blue blouse or a pastel green shirt livens the ensemble up, complete with a black long sleeve blazer and your interview ready.


A smart dress suit is feminine, fashionable and still professional, there are many designs and cuts to flatter and fit all body shapes and sizes, you can still rock an office dress even in the winter. Wear coloured tights to liven up a black, office suit, were not talking neon colours, a deep teal or burgundy will take your dress from office geek to office chic. If your dress is coloured then stay away from the coloured tights and tone it down with a simple opaque or translucent black. It is not necessary to over accessorise, a thin belt tied around the middle of the dress will clinch in your waist line revealing that hour glass figure.

Confidence is key when being interviewed, and if you look great, you’ll feel great.

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