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For modern consumers, the concepts of energy efficiency and environmental preservation are more than familiar. As the twenty-first century places an unyielding focus on going green, the benefits of embracing the trend are only increased.

Yet, there is one problem with this trend – and that is the focus is placed entirely on “going” green with little emphasis placed on maintaining this momentum. Without an effort to stay green it can be assumed that humanity will slip back into their old ways; maybe not immediately, but gradually over time. 

Making a concentrated effort to maintain energy efficiency within our homes is therefore something which should be actively encouraged – but how can it be achieved?

1. Make permanent changes

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to ensure your home saves energy for as long as possible is to invest in permanent changes. Structural improvements such as the installation of loft and wall cavity insulation significantly reduces the amount of energy lost through your home and can equate to a combined annual saving of around £150 on energy bills.

Other permanent changes, such as the fitting of double glazed windows, can have a similar impact. The great thing about permanent changes such as this is that, once installed, no further involvement is needed – providing the insulating material is not disturbed. 

Set your thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. Then once you are far away from home, you’ll turn your thermostat higher to stop your fan or air conditioning from turning on while you aren’t there. you would possibly also want to think about getting a Nest thermostat or other sort of programmable thermostat to assist you monitor your energy usage and program in greener habits. 

2. Use the right appliances

Nowadays, we are often accused of living something of a blessed life. Advancements in technology have resulted in the development of household appliances capable of performing a variety of functions and our dependence on these is more pronounced than ever. 

The green credentials of all electrical appliances, such as dishwashers, cookers and refrigerators, are now clearly displayed via energy efficiency ratings. All new appliances must be sold with this information – making dishwasher reviews and other product evaluations clearly focused on energy efficiency.

Selecting an appropriate appliance for your home will therefore ensure you can help save the planet without interfering with your daily routine. For those worried about the cost of managing a dishwasher, the Energy Saving Trust claims they cost around £48 a year – a figure which can be reduced to £41 simply by using a more efficient model.

There’s no reason you ought to leave electronics, appliances and chargers plugged in when not in use. Now I’m not talking about unplugging your refrigerator or anything. I’m simply saying unplug the blender after you’ve used it. If you employ an influence strip, turn it off when your electronics are fully charged. getting into the practice of unplugging can actually prevent quite a little bit of energy and money. Vampire energy and phantom power are often more significant than you’ll realize. Test it out. Go around your house and unplug anything not in use. do that regularly and see the difference it makes.

Choose to do your laundry or wash the dishes either within the early morning hours or late in the dark . Where we live, peak hours are between 4pm and 9pm. This is often the time window when the electrical company charges us the most and asks us to use the smallest amount of energy. During these hours we attempt to avoid using major appliances, attempt to specialise in not leaving any lights on unnecessarily and resist the will to show on the A/C. Even cooking outdoors on the grill can assist you economize and stop your house heating up an excessive amount of from using the oven to form dinner.

3. Stay focused

Ultimately, staying green will depend on your own focus and dedication to the cause. Actively looking for ways to save energy is ardently encouraged in the modern world and with industries continuing to develop energy-efficient technologies, making further reductions will only become easier over time.

Ultimately, you need to make saving energy part of your daily routine. Initially, this may require a fair amount of effort but it will soon become second nature allowing you to save energy, and money, now and in the future. Anything from using energy saving mobile apps to investing in more efficient appliances will help ensure environmental preservation is maintained over time.

During the summer months, try opening up your range in the morning to urge some fresh, cool air circulating through before it gets too hot. Although this is often not always possible, counting on where you reside , it’s an eco-friendly change you’ll make to assist you save energy. Keep your blinds closed once the sun comes up though to stop your home from heating up an excessive amount of .

When it’s wintertime, you’ll keep the doors and windows closed (to prevent the warmth from escaping), but try opening the blinds during the day to let in some natural light. This will help save energy midday as you won’t have to turn lights on within the house.