Have you ever wondered how celebrities and fashion bloggers seem to have unlimited and fashionable wardrobes?


You may want to find out how to style your dress to be like them. The truth is they just make tiny tweaks to make the simplest outfits look very chic.


These celebrities and bloggers can put together stuff that you never thought off. They have a gift of creating fresh and great looking outfits using the same pieces over again.


The good news is you don’t have to be a stylist to imitate this. Here are tips and tricks that you can follow for making your outfit pop out among the rest.


Knot Your Button Down Shirt

Your midi skirt looks great with a plaid shirt that’s already part of your wardrobe. Why not tie a know in the middle to show off your curves rather than hide them?


This will also give you a more polished look. You can layer a turtleneck beneath to keep your belly from showing when it’s cold outside.


The trick to tying the perfect knot is to undo the bottom three buttons and tie the shirt tails into a knot.


Tighten as the knot goes above your belly button and tie a knot again. Straighten the ends to place them where you want.


Add a Belt to Your Layers

Layering is a fashion tip that is easy to do especially when it’s chilling outdoors. You can save money on added wardrobe as you can use pieces that are already in your closet.


Having a bunch of layers can make you look bulky. Adding a belt can pull the whole look together and carves out your shape under all those clothes. Here’s how you can do this:


  • Begin by layering a thin, long-sleeved shirt under a sleeveless dress.
  • Add a button-down shirt on top and keep it open.
  • Toss in a furry vest as your top layer.
  • Pull it all by using a belt to make everything come together.



Cuff Your Jeans

Your best pair of denims can rock on its own, but your favorite closet piece can get an upgrade with ankle cuffs.


This subtle style trick can make your outfit look fresh even if you have worn it a million times.


Another benefit you get from this trick is you get to show off your cool footwear. The key here is to choose the right technique based on the pant style you are showing off.


Place cuffs on skinny jeans on the smaller side to keep the streamlined look of tight fit jeans. Make your cuffs around half an inch wide and roll them twice.


For a more comfortable style of jeans, you need more rolling. To keep the casual vibe of your pair, the looser fabric works well with a messier cuff.


Roll your jeans three times with 1-inch cuffs. Don’t press down on your cuffs to make a crease, make a cylindrical shape like a roll. Make the cuff appear like it’s not perfect for that casual vibe.


Stack your Rings

Wearing one ring is cute, eight rings raises the level, but you need to know how to stack them correctly. You want them to look chic and not like a toddler who just got hold of her mom’s jewelry box. Here’s how you do it properly:


  • Place your most prominent and boldest ring on your index finger.
  • Layer on the smaller styles on your ring finger. Mix it up with regular and midi styles to give a neat and layered look.
  • End by adding two or three midi rings on your middle finger for contrast.


Knot an Oversized Shirt

Loose layers can either give you a breezy or sloppy look. An easy trick is to add a side knot on your top.


Doing this will highlight your curves and your cool skirt.


To achieve a polished knot, pull the excess bottom material to a side and create a tail. Twist the tail and make a knot, pull on the knot to tighten.


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