Waldorf Dolls
Waldorf dolls are individually crafted out of the finest natural materials. The outer material used to craft Waldorf dolls is cotton and wool; will the inner material of Waldorf dolls consist of sheep fleece. Waldorf dolls are specifically and uniquely designed to encourage children to utilise the imagination: the features of Waldorf dolls are simplistic, yet adorable. Waldorf dolls are also crafted to encourage and promote a child’s creativity: rather than provide the child with a doll that has extensive features and characteristics, a child that owns a Waldorf doll has the opportunity to imagine and personalise the doll in any way the imagination allows.

Every Waldorf doll is created by loving hands and is created to look like a child. Waldorf dolls possess moveable limbs: the arms and legs of the doll are moveable. Also, Waldorf dolls can easily be positioned in natural positions, allowing for the child to place the child in a sitting position when not in use. The flexibility of Waldorf dolls ensures that they are durable even for the hardest child play.

Tom Handmade with soft velour and filled with sheep's wool. Ideal as a first doll or a cuddly companion to go to sleep with. 40cm tall. Can be machine washed in wool program.

Children absolutely adore Waldorf dolls: Waldorf dolls are completely handcrafted and they are crafted to last. In fact, Waldorf dolls are of heirloom quality – something that can be handed down from one generation to the next. Unlike many other dolls that are made today, Waldorf dolls are not a product of mass production – every doll is made by hand with the greatest attention and intense care is given to the dolls’ detail.

Lavender doll A lovely soft little doll, 12cm tall, made of velour filled with lavender and sand. Has a little bell safely hidden in his cap.

Waldorf dolls are extremely easy to care for – completely washable; Waldorf dolls can be used again and again. Waldorf dolls can be washed by hand with a mild soap suitable for wool products and left out to dry naturally. Others can be machine washed in an appropriate wool program.

Maria A small doll handmade using cotton stockinette filled with sheep's wool. Long curly hair that can be arranged into various hair styles, choice of hair colours available (ginger, blonde, chestnut and dark brown). Ideal for older children who delight in creating dresses for their dolls. 28cm tall. Made to order (approx. 2 weeks), dresses may vary.

Waldorf dolls have embroidered eyes and an embroidered mouth, ensuring the safety of the children that own them – much unlike other dolls, Waldorf dolls do not have small pieces that can cause a choking hazard to a child. Hence, a child can find a safe friend in the Waldorf doll and the child can use the Waldorf doll to safely learn about the world via the imagination. What’s more, the simplicity of Waldorf doll features ensures that each and every doll is unique – a child’s imagination makes the doll come to life for the child, and the doll receives the personality that the child imagines. Finally, Waldorf dolls are truly convenient – they require no batteries and they do not possess any electronic parts destined to fail in the future: instead, Waldorf dolls will not break or fail to work, and they continue to maintain a child’s interest for many years.

Lena Lena was made in Germany using cotton fabric filled with pure wool. Her hair is long and made from pure woolen knitting yarn. She is approx. 35cm tall.

Essentially, a Waldorf doll proves an investment – they are not toys that are uselessly cast aside when they are no longer in use. Instead, Waldorf dolls remain a favourite toy and later become unique, beautiful and well-loved family heirlooms. Truly a wise investment, Waldorf dolls continue to make children happy for many generations and an heirloom Waldorf doll is something extra special for a child to truly adore, cherish and love.

Carla 40cm tall with curly long hair that can be turned into any hair style. Handmade using cotton stockinette stuffed with sheep's wool.34cm tall. Made to order (2weeks) choice of haircolours available (ginger, blonde, chestnut or dark brown). Colours of dresses may vary.

The Waldorf dolls that have hair often come with different hair colours and the child can arrange the dolls hair. The clothing of Waldorf dolls is removable and changeable, allowing for the child to dress the doll in any way he or she chooses to.

Lola A black Waldorf doll with dark brown, long curly hair that can be arranged into different hair styles. Made using cotton stockinette filled with sheep's wool. 40cm tall. Made to order (approx. 2 weeks) Dress may be made out of cotton fabric.

Waldorf dolls are perfect to snuggle with and they are incredibly lightweight: Waldorf dolls can accompany a child anywhere. Waldorf dolls are excellent “first dolls” for children, and they are beloved by older children as well. Also, doll collectors will find a unique love for Waldorf Dolls – the easy washable design and the easy-to-pose dolls are prefect for any doll collection.

Gretel A classic Waldorf doll, handmade with care using cotton stockinette filled with sheep's wool. Mohair yarn hair that can be styled. 44cm tall, can be handwashed. Colours of dresses may vary.

A single Waldorf doll can serve as an educational tool for a child and the Waldorf doll will far surpass a collection of lesser quality toys. Perfect for boys, girls, and even adults, Waldorf dolls are long lasting, adorable, and fun. Excellent as a companion for a child or as a decorative, adorable addition to any doll collection, Waldorf dolls make for ideal gifts for doll lovers around the world.

Jim Jim is an ideal toddler doll to carry around. Made with soft velour, filled with sheep's wool. 26cm tall. Can be machine washed in wool program. Made to order (approx. 2 weeks).
Kemi Handmade from natural materials, with short curly hair. Comes with a simple dress that may vary in colour. 28cm tall. Made to order (approx. 2 weeks). Handwash in warm water.
Hans Handmade with soft velours and filled with sheep's wool. Ideal for a first doll or a cuddly companion to go to sleep with. 40cm tall, can be hand washed or machine washed using wool setting.