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Background Check

The UK Background Checks provided are used by businesses to obtain information on debtors as well as competitors and employees. These background checks can also be useful to UK landlords who need to check the debt history of their tenants and need to be provided with a credit check. People who want to know their partner/Friend/lover's history will also find this service useful.

Tenant / Employee CV / Debtor Background Check - £59.99

Use this background check to find out if they have any CCJs, Current and past Hire Purchase information, or have been registered as bankrupt. I'll try to confirm their address, name and age. Local enquires will be conducted and to ascertain what reputation they have. During these enquiries your identity will be kept confidential. Mortgage and property information can also be provided. Find out if they are a company director or not. A good background check for pre-employment screening.

Business Background Check - £59.99

Background details on limited companies and the directors of the companies as listed in the debtor check. Sole traders and partnerships can also be investigated.

Partner / Friend / Lover Background Check - £59.99

Their name, address, age, wither they are married/divorced will be confirmed. CCJ, Hire Purchase information and bankruptcy details are included. Mortgage and property information is also provided - do they own their home? This background check should help you make decisions about someone's character.

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