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The ecards platform of a water poverty alleviation charity, Hope Spring, added a new collection of ecards to their awesome ecard offerings. The new love and romance  ecards tagged “love and passion” are specially and thoughtfully designed and are most suitable ecards for expressing our feelings to the people we love. The introduction of these new cards is inspired by love and passion for water poverty alleviation, the cause which led to the creation of Hope Spring. 

The new collection of ecards includes ecards that a wife can send to her husband and those that husband can send to his wife. Also contained  in  “Love and passion” are those cards to express intimate feelings of friendship, platonic love and more. 

The ecard platform manager, Evgeniy Garkaviy While making the announcement of the new collection of love and romance ecards on Zoom, said, “ we began the journey with birthday ecards and as time went on we added greetings ecards for other occasions. Today we are introducing a new set of ecards that are most suitable to send to that person for whom we have this inexplicable feeling of love. We are ever inclined to tend to the request of our users and  ‘love and passion’ being a collection of  relationship theme ecards is another confirmation of such commitment.”

He also added that “ we are delighted to also make it known that we have added over 200 ecards to our ecard collections this year including the new set of ecards, the love and romance ecards. We have earmarked the last quarter of 2021 to work on our fine arts ecards that are hand-drawn and Christmas ecards”. Mr Garkaviy is a long time Hope Spring water charity’s volunteer and architect of their ecard platform. 

Hope Spring eCards, an ecard-based fundraising platform for Hope Spring Water Charity, helps the charity fund its water intervention projects across West- African communities that lack access to safe, clean water. The fund comes from the revenue raised from the donations made by supporters and others that send greeting ecards from their platform. 

You can find out more information about the charity or support them by visiting their website or social media pages, reaching them via email or a messaging platform.

For more information about charity ecards and projects, visit their website or follow their LinkedIn ecard page and other social media networks.

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