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Haabaa Affiliates Program takes off!

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Gates conquers the Third-World

I’m a little bit concerned of what I have read lastly. The great dream of Microsoft brain Bill Gates is to produce a mobile. Quite simple, doesn’t it? But the catch is that the mobile – converting itself in a computer – would serve as a tool for internet connection, and is destined for Third-World countries to spread the World Wide Web across the (Wide) World. You just plug TV set and keyboard to your phone and… you’re connected to entire world.

The advantages for Microsoft are obvious: low cost of production and fast expansion of new product, according to Gates. And also the advantages for Third-World countries: a great help in youth education and economical development. It is a dream really worth coming true, I think. One thing I am not sure of is if the cost of the invention will be as low as it was attractive for the main recipient: the poorer part of the globe. Now, what kind of Third-World we are talking about? Vicepresident of Microsift, Craig J. Mundie, said that everyone will have a mobilea nd TV set is something almost common in all the households. Sir, to be honest, I don’t think so. I live in a quite developed country and I know about people who dreamed of a TV set few years ago. The idea may be good if we consider the poorer part of US and G8 countries societies as a Third-World. I’m not sure if the invention would come across in such places as some parts of Africa, South America, some places around the world in general.

The drafts are already in “hand of elecronic companies” and the speculations talk about a price of $50 for the set. Will Gates kick of a new quality in communications? I’m looking forward to seeing how the story ends.