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Link Bid Script – Classic and Premium Edition

A bid directory is a place where users can increase their directory’s rank by placing bids for positions. Lately, many webmasters and directory owners offer to users this kind of directories while its feature some great advantages users enjoy using. For example, having the option to move a link to the top only by placing a higher bid can make a mind-budget website owner to rank on a first page with only few bucks involved.

Link Bid Script makes it an easy task for any webmaster to start a profitable bid for position web directory. This is a PHP based script and it comes in two different editions: Premium Edition and Classic Edition. While Premium LBS is not free, the second edition can be downloaded by anyone, no restrictions involved.

Link Bid Script Classic it combines classic dollar linking type interface with the traditional directory’s categories based one. Even though its first purpose is to be used as a bid for position script for bidding directories, some users went further and build regular directories or reciprocal link exchange directories with the help of this script.

This script comes for free, additional reasons for downloading and using it might be:

– upgrades are free

– free listing in LBS forum directory category

– awesome free templates

– can be used as reciprocal link directory script

– free website promotion

– free upgrade support

On the other hand, Link Bid Script Premium comes with a ₤15 price but also with additional features over the Classic version. Advanced spam prevention, enhanced auto-bidding notification or a new Web 2.0 design are some that worth a remember. Though the improvements’ list is larger, here are some that Classic version does not feature:

– multiple currency support

– advanced SE stats, back links info and PR info

– screenshots for the listes sites

– Google Map, and many others

For a live demo of LBS Premium, visit LBS demo webpage .