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With Boss Cart “Affordable ecommerce solution” every online sale becomes a hit

One of the first things to do in order to create an online business is to choose a shopping cart software that processes the orders. Shopping carts can be divided in two major categories:

1. Local shopping carts – these are to be installed on a personal server

2. Third-party shopping carts – these run on the supplier’s site

Both categories are very easy to customize and use, and for both categories there is a large variety offered by software vendors. However, choosing the right shopping cart for a specific business is one of the most important decision to be made. Integrating intelligent merchandising solutions can enhance decision-making by leveraging AI and real-time data for accurate demand forecasting, automated pricing, and effective promotions.

Boss Cart is a very easy to use shopping cart – just install, upload products, choose payment processing and done.It was created as a response to small and medium businesses’ needs for growing an online presence and to have a secure and very competitive e-commerce website. Being developed as a search engine friendly shopping cart, this means no further money will be involved in fine-tunning the software for the search engines.

Boss Cart’s developemet team has provided for almost 10 years services like SEO, advertising campaigns and link building and this experience has proven to be benefic when they created this shopping cart.

This ecommerce software cart comes with a built-in catalogue manager for helping those people out there with less experience in using computers to create and manage a highly-competitive online store. Among its major features, here are the most that provide a good customer-satisfaction when using it:

1. Easy to manage thanks to an over 10,000 products catalogue manager
2. SEO friendly cart
3. Bulk product upload/products export to Google Base or eBay
4. A great variety of themes to choose from
5. Comes with free installation and support

One of the main features Boss Cart has it is the integration of an online store with a payment gateway from a large list, list that comprehenses PayPal, PayPoint, Nochex, Google Checkout and others.

We should talk a little more about PayPal, while this shopping cart has been recently PayPal certified.

Every payment processing company makes serious efforts to keep the credit card and personal details in safe, fulfilling the policies issued by law. In order to ensure that ecommerce softwares follow their standards, they have introduced the certification program, which is basically a very rigorous inspection of the software. The inspection included $_POST data handling, processing and validation with special regard to shipping cost calculation.

Boss Cart achieved the PayPal Certified Integration with PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro and PayPal Website Payments Standard.

More information about this shopping cart like updates, new releases and special offer can be found on Boss Cart official blog.