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Finding affordable student hosting

Low cost web hosting for students

Have you got that last college or university web development project that you are looking to get finished but you need to test it in a live environment. It all runs ok on the campus network but have you tried it in the real world? A lot of students look for a way to get their projects online but at an affordable rate. Finding low cost student web hosting is easy to get. However to find a reliable one needs some careful consideration.

What do you need?

Some of the biggest sites on the internet today such as Facebook, Google and Youtube started out on college and university servers and grew from there. But the key thing is initially they grew – fast. What they discovered was the college campus was not the ground to develop but being students, budgets were tight so they needed low cost hosting to start with.

So is your site going to grow that way? Well who knows, it may do, it may not. But why feel you have to invest a lot of money up front on something when you can steadily grow it. The hosting business is a busy market place so competition is fierce. If you want hosting and you want to pay budget prices for high end efforts then you can.

Who can help?

Companies such as andthenhost.com offer packages tailored for students and businesses on a budget. Not only do they offer great features in their Windows and Linux packages but they also can provide a first rate support. They are keen to help get students and businesses off the ground and they will help you do it.

The key things to look for in student web hosting are that you have the expandability to grow your site and bandwidth. It may be you get an influx of traffic over night and need to purchased add ons such as extra webspace, more MySQL databases or even extra bandwidth. Make sure when choosing a provider that these options are available. A good test is to get in touch with the pre-sales or support team and ask the question. Not only will this help you find out what is offered, but will also give you an idea of their response times. This generally helps determine how fast the after support will get back to you too (and if they don’t, you know you can get a response with the pre-sales teams!)

Take time to take a look around and see what offers there are. As the market is so competitive it is always worthwhile asking web hosting companies if they will do you a deal or discount. Sometimes if you introduce so many friends, you get your hosting for free. There is no harm in asking, the worst they can do is say no.

So that is about it. Hopefully that is a few pointers to get your site off the ground. Just remember to start small but think big no matter what your budget – You never know, you could be the next Facebook…