– Free Press Release & Article Publishing Platform

Gaining new quality backlinks and create large amounts of traffic are every webmaster’s targets. Press releases are a great way of doing this while also helping online businesses in their advertising strategies.

Despite the fact that when launching a press release the immediate traffic driven by that to a specific website increases, what really count and have a great value are the backlinks created.

Newsmakers, an UK based website has recently released a new platform for press releases and articles publishing, aiming to create an extraordinary online service that helps webmasters and businesses to increase their online visibility by content creation. Although it offers to ways of publishing a press release – a free one and a paid one, the second being more SEO friendly while allows two outgoing links to be used – Newsmakers offers the paid option as a free one for a short time, to bring into the open the launch of its new platform.

So what a webmaster must do in order to benefit from this new service? Go to press release site, create an account and you are almost ready. All that must be done in order to ensure a fast and secure approval rate is to submit a well-written press release that has not been released on other press release platforms, so being an unique release is a must.

The benefits of using Newsmakers press release platform are as following:

– become more visible on search engines
– get into the spotlights with social bookmarking feature on the site
– fast-approval rate
– increase traffic and gain new quality backlinks
– become an online presence and grow your brand image through millions of Internet users

For creating an account with Newsmakers visit the press release site and start building an online brand, boost website’s SEO and become a visible presence on the Internet.