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Mozilla Firefox, now number 1 browser in Europe

Firefox Internet browser, developed by Mozilla, has become number one Internet browser used in Europe and managed to dethrone for the first time is history Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, according to StatCounter, an audience measurement company. This is the first time Internet Explorer comes on the second place in a such competitive market such as the one of web browsers.

In December, Firefox’s market share reached 38.1% in Europe, compared to 37.5% for Internet Explorer. Another web browser, Google’s Chrome, has also increased its market share to 14.6% from a 5.1% level recorded a year ago.

According to Aodhan Cullen, general manager of StatCounter, this change in market share is due to the fact that Chrome is grabbing more and more from the piece held by Internet Explorer while Firefox maintain its position, thus becoming the most popular browser in Europe. He also added that this could also be the effect of March 2010 agreement between the European competition authorities and Microsoft when they have decided that any Windows user can choose from a list of browsers which one would he like to use it further, when installing the operating system.

Two years ago, Internet Explored was dominating the worldwide market with 67% and while this browser still remains the most popular choice for most users around the globe, Microsoft’s browser market share went down to 50% in September 2010. However Internet Explorer still leads in North America with 48.92% while Firefox has 26.7% market share followed by Chrome with 12.82% and Safari with 10.16%.

Firefox still continues to increase in popularity while it is offering a great and secure browser, highly customizable with plugins and extensions and with a little extra-goodies other browsers do not offer, at least this time.