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How to find the best keywords from the list and promote them ?

We talked in our latest post about the importance of keyword research, how to create a massive list of keywords related to someone’s business and how to establish the principal keywords that the site will be build upon. So now that we have the whole list, what is next to be done in order to get rid of keywords with high competition and actually concentrate on those easier to conquer ?

Even though this looks like a titanic work, it definitely must be completed to have a good start for the online business. And indeed, it requires some time but can be easily outsourced if the funds allow this. However, here are the steps anyone should follow after creating the list.

1. Check each and any keyword’s competition

There are many ways of doing this and each should choose what method suits him. Some internet marketers claim that under 500,000 results for a keyword or phrase ( not in quotes ) is quite an easy to conquer keyword. Others choose the method intitle : “keyword” inurl : “keyword” , again, lowest is better. For an un-quoted search you should also check the first 10-20 competitors’ PR and links, there are several ways of doing this with free tools. Of course, when the first let’s say 7 competitors have massive numbers of links and PR over 4 it is almost obvious that competing with its will be tough.

2. Group the keywords and write on its

Group the keywords based on the word/phrase they have in common. When this step is done, try to create content that fits your chosen keywords, usually more articles/content for a single keyword. This should be done constantly, try to create unique content. It is always better to create less content but with higher quality than poor content but in bunch.

3. Create website structure

Keywords must be used not only in content, but also in meta tags, meta keywords, page description, website title and so on. Stay away from keyword stuffing, this worked in the past, now will only bring problems to a new or even well-established site.

4. Promote the keywords

This is usually the hardest part of the job. Choosing the proper anchor text with the proper link and getting quality backlinks with the desired « features » is not such an easy task. Usually people promote keywords through forums signatures, blog comments, article marketing, press releases and so on. Diversity is the gold word here, try to get links from as many places you can. Do not spam, contribute to the sites you get links from and all should be fine.

These are just four steps anyone should be following as « to do » after keyword research, of course more could be added but the major idea is there. Each webmaster chooses his way from this point and work to rank as high as possible for the targeted keywords. It all depends on the amount of work one will bring into the game.