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How to optimise Youtube videos

As local searching is getting more and more popular lately, we covered some tips on how to rank higher in Google Local listings a few weeks ago but now it’s time to hit another popular subject these days and this is related to videos on Youtube. Youtube is nowadays starting to show on top of organic searches results and with few tweaks one can easily outrank authority sites like Amazon, Wikipedia or just the competitors’ sites.

This article will show you how to optimise Youtube videos for getting more exposure and more targetted traffic any webmaster desires to have. Though this is not the only video site available, it clearly is one of the most popular among Internet users and second, ranking in Youtube is a little bit easier than in the organic spots.

There are three things on which Youtube relies when ranking videos : number of views, rating and content of title and description. When it comes to title, anyone can use 99 characters for a particular video so it is best to use A. major targeted keyword and B. related keywords.

When it comes to description, users may use up to 5,000 characters so use its wisely. From keywords inserted in the description to call-to-action lines like « share this video » etc. Also, do not forget to use tags which are still very helpful when it comes to getting more visible for Google.

Another things to consider would be related to broadcasting and sharing :
– Videos should not be private
– Comments should be enabled for users interaction
– Comment on other videos as well, add video responses
– Keep syndication and ratings enabled

From this point on, it’s all about how popular the video can become and how you popularise it in other places. Not to forget about other blogs, Twitter, Facebook, this can get you a tremendous level of traffic, if done properly.