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TV Molestator

I really don’t know how to start this one. The case is in court so…
Name: Gabriele.
Surname: Paolini.
Hobby: ‘TV Molestator’.
Facts: Gabriele Paolini is a star, or rather he pretends to be a star in Italian Television. Every time there is a direct transmission of important event you can expect the guy appearing… with condoms hanging all over. From many years he appears near Prime Minister’s office and political or ecclesiastical ceremonies, wherever there are cameras. He organizes ‘happenings’ during which ones he distributes condoms. He’s doing it even during the press conferences of Vatican dignitaries. He calls himself a ‘condom prophet’ and exhort to using them as a contraceptive. He even offered a condom to Mother Theresa of Calcutta… He likes to stand behind the correspondent with a sheet of paper with offensive slogan on it. He’s in Guiness World Records Book because of 16.000 times that he interrupted TV broadcast.
Sentence: 240€ and offset for the economical losses suffered by RAI.
Conclusion: If you want to meet with free applause: a) Go to Italy; b) Buy condoms (many); c) Look for Berlusconi… And now, seriously. I think the guy has a problem. I’m not good in psychology – Temi could say something more about scientific aspect of the case – but I think Paolo has potential of undirected energy and he cannot find better way to let it go. It’s not the first guy who do silly things to get his five minutes of fame. It’s sad somehow that in 21st century we live in Europe (the word we like to use so much) there are some people who’s necessities, that cannot be satisfied, find its way out in such strange means.
I hope I will get my own domain soon; or else, I will go to the near market and throw socks – as a perfect way to save money – all over the place, then I will sit and wait for the cameras… Go watch the news!

Steve Fossett’s World Record

Steve Fossett marks another record! After a travel during 76 hours 45 minutes, a multimillionaire brakes the world record of 40,813 kilometers by Brian Jones and Bertrand Piccard in 1999, with his flight of 43,450 kilometers. He was forced to make an emergency landing at Bournemouth International Airport due to generator’s breakdown.

It is not the first time when Fossett tries to brake a record. He also holds five other records in sports. It looks for me like the guy has nothing better do do but achieving his goals and making his marks in history. Why he is doing things like this? “I mainly do these things for my personal satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoy what Iโ€™m doing so I donโ€™t plan on stopping. Iโ€™ll always find various things to do.” Of that I’m sure.

It’s obvious that extreme challenges like this one require exceptional skill and endurance, as editor remarks. Now, I think there’s one more exceptional thing needed to achieve this sort of dreams. Money. It’s more than certain that there are many more people with more or less expensive goals unable to make them come true because of their price. The question I got on my mind is: is it better for one little man to achieve a huge goal of his own, or maybe I’d like to see thousands of smaller dreams becoming true?

Nevertheless… Congratulations, Steve!

Terry Pratchett – a phenomenon

He leaves behind a keyboard in Wiltshire and says he doesn’t want to get life, because it feels as though he’s trying to lead three already. He is one of the most popular authors writing today. I find his phenomenon in surprising variety of people who really enjoy his novels, from teens to adults, from stall sellers to directors, just name a type of person! His most popular and the biggest novel series is situated in a place called Discworld. A fantastic (in all meanings of that word) world. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen (unless you’ve seen the Discworld ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). All my efforts to describe it would be nothing more than a terrible failure. Enough to say that the amazing sense of humor Pratchett has is combined with unbelievable stories and characters. I’ve seen people laughing to tears telling episodes from the books, I’ve laughed to tears more than once reading them.

The series starts from “The Colour Of Magic” and “Light Fantastic” which basically tell the adventures of Rincewind -let’s say a wizard, and his companion Luggage. The series continues with over twenty novels, the latest one is called Going Postal, but believe me no matter which point of the series you start at you will really like to read all of them, and I mean all of them ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s more to say? Need a good laugh, alter reality, exciting read? Terry Pratchett is the answer!

Park Chan-wook – a short story

Park Chan-wook, South Korean director is now coming with new film, will it be another masterpiece like “Oldboy”?

“Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” is to be the last part of Park Chan-wook’s trilogy. First, there was “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” (2002). The second part was “Oldboy” (2003). All films are different stories, having nothing more in common then the main subject, which is vengance. I have only seen “Oldboy” so far and it was outstanding! Even Quentin Tarantino, whom I personaly admire for his films, said about “Oldboy”: It’s more tarantino movie then everything I’ve done so far”.

Park Chan-wook was born on the 23rd of September 1963 in Seul, South Korea. He and Kim Ki-duk are the most recognised directors from korean new wave. He finished philosophical studies at Sogan Catolic University(!) which I would never guess after seeing his film. During his studies together with friends they created film club. They used the opportunity of relaxation of the law in the country (which was under military dictatorial regimes at that time) and got a lot of films from the US and Japan. They watched and discussed a lot. After studies Park Chan-wook has worked as a film critic(!). Another suprising point for me in his life. In 1988 he managed to learn the director’s workshop being a director’s asisstent in two korean productions. After 4 years he started to make his own movies. However the first successful one was “Joint Security Area” in 2000, which was very popular in South Korea. After “Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance” his name started being recognised around the globe.

Well, I can’t wait to see “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance” and whatever he makes after ๐Ÿ™‚

Park Chan-wook – Filmography:

  • 1992 – The Moon Is The Sun’s Dream
  • 1997 – Trio
  • 1999 – Judgement
  • 2000 – Joint Security Area
  • 2002 – Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance
  • 2003 – Never Ending Peace And Love, a part of If You Were Me
  • 2003 – Oldboy
  • 2004 – Cut, a part of Three… Extremes
  • 2005 – Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
  • Video Games

    Everybody like to play games, no matter their age, sex or location. There are many types: simulation games, strategy games, shooters, role playing games, tycoons, etc.

    Beside the testers, who are playing as a job, everybody is playing because it is fun. Single player games are fun too, but when more people comes together from all over the world to play the same game, in the same team or the opposite team , now that is even more fun.

    And because it is so fun to play games and because many people is playing, the producer companies are putting millions into the developement of these games and into the developement of consoles for these games, every company pushing the technology to the limit. Overtime games got better graphics, better gameplay, they became larger and more expensive. This is the reason why tosay’s games don’t run on yesterdays consoles. If you want to play the best game you need to buy the best hardware.

    I prefer the simulators, stratagy, tycoons, shooters, well basicly I like every kind of games which have one thing in common: fun.